Mid Ohio Valley's largest haunt!

About Us

The Wicked Warehouse was started to give folks in the area an option for entertainment. Prior to this, Haunt Enthusiests had to make a road trip of an hour and a half, minimum to enjoy an attraction of this size.  The Warehouse is being transformed into a variety of scenes and scares and is sure to appeal to guests of all ages.  We have however, placed our own rating of "R" on the haunt and  ask that you use your own discretion when bringing younger children.

  We want this to be the best and baddest Haunted Attraction ever in this area and are asking you to take the time, after you tour the warehouse, to fill out a survey form located in the gift shop.  We want to continue to provide you with the Largest and scariest haunt EVER in the M.O.V.  We have room for expansion in the future so lets make the Wicked Warehouse a succsessful, annual event, that will grow and get better every year.